Top Jeans Styles in 2021

Top Jeans Styles in 2021

Denim is timeless, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally immune to styles, trends and fads. If you haven’t updated your denim collection in a while, you might want to take a minute to check out the best jeans for men in 2021 and pick out a few new pairs. Whether you wear denim daily or save it for your days off, every man needs a great pair of jeans in his collection. At SERNES, we make it easy to stay on top of the trends and to look like a fashion icon by laying out the top jeans styles in 2021.

Stacked Jeans

At some point, someone decided that showing a little ankle was in. But thankfully, that trend is no longer with us in 2021 and stacked denim pants are making a big comeback. Stacked jeans are simply longer jeans that gather a bit at the ends where they rest on the top of the shoe, creating a stacked appearance. Stand up, sit down or bend over without showing any ankle.

Stacked jeans are easy to wear, but you do need to pay attention to the fit of the jeans before giving this look a go. Avoid wearing clothing that’s too fit or too tight on top to create a more balanced look with a longer, looser leg. When trying out the stacked look, opt for a basic blue jean that’s more on the slim side and longer in the leg.

Mid-Wash Indigo Denim

Blue is back for 2021, and mid-wash indigo is the color of the year. The medium-blue hue offers the perfect balance of well-kept and lived in, so you can wear them to work, wear them on a date or wear them around town while looking put-together, but also casual and approachable. A good mid-wash denim won’t fade as easily as darker shades, but also has enough color to look composed. It’s really the perfect shade of denim and we’re not sure why it’s not always the favored wash. Need a little mid-wash indigo style inspiration? Check out our Madeira jeans or Zuma Blue jeans.

Baggy Jeans

Comfort is king in 2021! What better way to celebrate comfort than with a pair of baggy jeans? If you’re not ready to pull out your wide-leg jeans just yet, strike a balance with a pair of cargo skinny jeans from SERNES. Our cargo jeans are baggy in all the right places, plus they have extra pockets for the perfect blend of fashion and function.

Denim Jackets
This is supposed to be a list about jeans trends, but it wouldn’t be complete without mentioning denim jackets. That’s right, denim jackets are making a comeback for 2021. Aside from being practical, a denim jacket offers the perfect canvas to put your personality on display. Join an elite list of rockers and A-list celebs by donning this unexpected accessory that really makes a statement.

Visit SERNES to find the best skinny jeans for men and to stay up-to-date on all of the latest trends and styles. We’re happy to share some of 2021’s breakout trends to keep you looking fresh and on the cutting edge of fashion. Find out what’s new in the designer denim world and then shop with us to dress like a rockstar.