A man in a light beige oversized KLOUD T-SHIRT with black pockets on the sleeves, and blue jeans, effortlessly showcases a casual look against a plain white background.
Man with long braided hair wearing a KLOUD T-SHIRT and blue jeans stands against a white background, showcasing his casual look.
A person stands against a white background, epitomizing the casual look in a KLOUD T-SHIRT with black pockets, blue jeans, and white sneakers adorned with green accents. One hand touches their head while the other is extended outward.
A man with a casual look stands against a plain white background, wearing a KLOUD T-SHIRT and light blue jeans. His braided hair adds an element of style as he appears to be in motion, with his arms slightly extended.
A man with a casual look, wearing a loose white KLOUD T-SHIRT with black zippered pockets on the chest and left sleeve, paired with light blue jeans. He has a serious expression and his left hand is in his pocket.
A person wearing a light-colored, short-sleeved KLOUD T-SHIRT with black pockets on the sleeves showcases a casual look. The person's face is not visible.
Person sporting a casual look with a KLOUD T-SHIRT featuring a black zippered pocket on the front left side.
A person with a casual look is adjusting the drawstring at the bottom of a light-colored KLOUD T-SHIRT, while wearing blue jeans.
A man with braided hair, wearing a white KLOUD T-SHIRT, blue jeans, and a black armband, adopts a casual look as he stands facing away with his hands in his black pockets.


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This slightly oversized white T-shirt features two functional black pockets on the chest and sleeve. It's perfect for a relaxed, casual look.

- Regular Cut
- Smooth Feel
- Comfort Fit

Model's height and weight: 185 cm and 70 kg. (6 feet & 154 lbs)
Model wears size: L


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